BSR-001 (December 1997)
Ska Punk & Disorderly
Various Artists

     After almost two years of work BANKSHOT! releases its first record, an all-star Ska and Punk compilation which featured 28 tracks (many previously unreleased) from The Impossibles, Skinnerbox, Jeffries Fan Club, Missile Command, MU330, Link-80, The Mad Caddies, The Planet Smashers and More! This album also featured artwork by Caffeine artist Jim Hill.

This record is out of print.
1. Skinnerbox - Ska Punk & Disorderly
2. MU330 - Ireland
3. The Groovenics - Stomp
4. The Specs - Before Our Eyes
5. The Planet Smashers - Uncle Gordie
6. Dem Brooklyn Bums - On The Waterfront
7. Link-80 - Kind Of...
8. Pro Midgit Mafia - It's A Mystery
9. Mad Caddies - Mum's The Word
10.MIssile Command - Shorty
11.The Impossibles - Everyday
12.Jiker - Pipewomen
13.Jeffries Fan Club - Milk (Live)
14.Flashlight - Blindsided
15.Unsteady - Stop Looking At Me!
16.Sic and Mad - Fuck Mother Earth

17.Ska King Crab -
     The New BK Dream Girl
18.Skabba The Hut - Skabba Nagilla
19.Slow Gherkin - Mutually Parasitic
20.Big D and The Kids Table -
21.Adam's Alcoholics - 190 Proof
22.Baker Act - Shelley's Got Friends
23.The Supaflies -
     Shit Is Going To The Dogs
24.The Chickenheads - Liquid Fat
25.Other Cuts - Me
26.G-Spot - Ska Spot
27.Inspecter 7 - Hub City Stompers
28.Pocket Lent -
     Where The Wild Things Are