BSR-003 (February 1999)
Missile Command
Sexy, Sexy Confidence

     This is fast, crazy-technical power-pop-punk-rock with gruff vocals from Austin, TX's finest. Sexy, Sexy Confidence the debut album from Missile Command features Jerm Pollet (ex-Gal's Panic) on guitar, Rory Phillips (The Impossibles, ex-The Stereo) on bass, and Kelly Kusumoto (Blindsided) on drums. Two of the songs were cowritten by Jerm's longtime friend, and subject of the 1998 documentary film The Cruise. Songs about K-Mart credit cards, Mexican food, cassette tapes, haircuts, and of course women. If this doesn't make you rock out then nothing will.

Order from SMARTPUNK
1. Muzzo
2. Fuentes
3. Why'd You Put That Song On My Cassette
4. She's Such A Fireman
5. Peeping Tom
6. Non-Drivin Motherfucker
7. Theme From The Amazing Ghettro

8. Flightless Bird
9. Shorty
10.Victory At Sea
11.Analysis In A Mall
12.So Many Hairstyles
13.Your Walkman Is Broken/ Because Your Tongue