BSR-004 (March 2000)
Leftover Crack
Rock The Forty Oz.

     The breakup of legendary squat-core outfit Choking Victim left frontman and guitarist The STZA (long lost brother of The RZA and The GZA) without a band and without a label. He began recording demos for a new project with Choking Victim producer/Blindsided Guitarist Mike Trujillo. Stergeon (as The STZA is sometimes known) called it Leftover Crack an oxymoron since when you're addict, there's never any crack leftover. Without a rhythm section, he enlisted the help of past, present and future members of Suicidal Tendencies, BS2000, F-, Agent 99 and Blindsided. The result was the first record, the now infamous Rock The Forty Oz.

Order from INTERPUNK
Order from SMARTPUNK
1. Rock The Forty Oz.
     (Jesus Has a Place 4 Me)
2. Nazi White Trash
3. S.T.I. (Stop The Insanity)
4. Muppet Namblin'
5. The Good, The Bad, and The Leftover Crack