BSR-005 (November 2003)
Various Artists

     So... six years after our first release, and over seven years after Mr. BANKSHOT! began promoting small all ages shows outside Los Angeles, this is what its all come to. 26 tracks of blistering punk, heartfelt indie, and gut-busting rock and roll so hot if you try to pick it up without gloves it will leave burn marks.
     Unreleased tracks from Choking Victim, Sixgun Radio, Leftover Crack (feat. Brody Dalle of the Distillers), the Foamers, and Union 13, and Blindsided. Unreleased solo stuff from Kurt Vile (Kurt and the Vile-ators) and Devon Williams (OSKER). The OSKER song No Spine off of their out of print split 7" with Blindsided. Plus tracks from Kill Your Idols, Manda and the Marbles, Daycare Swindlers, and more.
     Sick of wading through comps with hundreds of songs from bands you could care less about? Mr. BANKSHOT!'s broken it down for ya and picked 26 of today's best. This is it folks.

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1. Osker - No Spine
2. Union 13 - No Borders, No Boundaries
3. Sixgun Radio - Culture Crave
4. Choking Victim - Money Changes Everything
5. Kurt Vile - Fortified Vitamins
6. Kill Your Idols - A Better Place
7. Death On Wednesday - Winter
8. Blindsided -Sorry
9. Toys That Kill - Unity Mitford
10. Missile Command - Why'd You Put
   That Song On My Cassette?
11. The Paybacks - Surrender
12. The Pattern - Finger Us
13. Devon Williams - Prove Me Wrong

14. The Static Age - The Blackout
15. Leftover Crack (feat. the Distillers) - Muppet N.a.m.b.l.a.
16. Chargers Street Gang -
    Tom Waits For No One
17. The Lawrence Arms - There's No Place Like A Stranger's Floor
18. The GC5 - Sheep In Wolf's Clothing
19. Stockyard Stoics - U.S.A.
20. Morning Glory - Say Something True
21. The Virus - Looks Like Trouble
22. The Foamers -[Untitled]
23. Arsons -Matty Says
24. Daycare Swindlers - Long Hard Road
25. Manda And The Marbles - Left Behind
26. The Ghost - Red Slippers Red Wheels