BSR-009 (March/April 2005)
The Glow
The Ghosts Are Out...

     On their debut album, Boston, MA's The Glow kick out 12 punk-rock-soul anthems to rattle your teeth and shake that ass. It's that crazy fresh mix of Motown and Stax, Northern Soul, and raw punk ferocity.
     Songs about life, loss, redemption, and the human condition. Easily one of the best records we've ever released. For fans of Billy Bragg, 80's Billy Joel, The Specials, Al Green, ? and the Mysterions, and Elvis Costello.

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1. Last Night
2. I Scare Myself
3. The Hunt
4. You Have No Idea
5. 5 Pints
6. One Of A Kind
7. Son Of A Bitch
8. Northern Lights
9. Hell In A Vase
10. Midnight
11. Cartoon Beach
12. I'm Never Ready