BSR-010 (October 2005)
The Delegates
The Diary Of Hamilton Fish

     Button up for pop pollution! The sophomore album from The Delegates, Montreal's kings of reggae punk. 13 soon-to-be-classic anthems about what it means to be an individual in this supposedly "non-conformist" scene. Songs about pink sneakers, girlfriends and fish. For fans of The Clash, Snuff, The Ruts, Less Than Jake, and Dire Straits. As seen on the 2005 Vans Warped Tour.

Order from INTERPUNK
1. Pink Shoes In A Petri Dish
2. In With The Nothing
3. Hamilton Fish
4. Let Her Run
5. I Like It
6. Hello
7. Dark Sound
8. Taking A Breath
9. Languages Dissolve
10. Bon Voyage
11. Escape From Pants
12. You Got Me
13. Arcata