Name: Becky Cloonan
Location: Allentown, PA/Queens, NY
Assignment: Graphic Anarchy

     Becky Cloonan is one of the comic world's most important (not to mention independent) new artists. She's the artist behind DEMO (AIT/Planet Lar), a monthly comic written by Brian Wood (Channel Zero, Generation X). She also collaborated with Wood on Channel Zero: Jennie One, a sequel to the immensly popular original. She's also working on Every Cowboy Sings A Sad Song for AIT/Planet Lar. We think it has something to do with horses. Then there's East Coast Rising Cloonan's vision of a post-apocalyptic future where the entire East Coast is flooded, and punks take to the high Seas. That's for an upcoming issue of American Manga.
     When she's not working round the clock on some awesome comic book or graphic novel, Cloonan's probably up doing a flyer for one of her cheapskate friends' bands. She's done flyers or T-shirt designs for The Gossip, Leftover Crack, Sixgun Radio, The Static Age, and The River City Rebels, and that's just a couple. Along with her pals at the all-woman Estrigious Studios Cloonan was the animator behind the John Chimpo 'Afghanistanimation' sequences in SUPER TROOPERS.