Just Takes Three - Unreleased
Melodic hardcore from southern California in the vein of the Descendents, NOFX and Bad Religion but with a singer who can hit high notes. Respek.

Sorry - from BSR-005 Mass Destruction
This was on an EP the band self released, but pressed maybe only 500 copies (they were cd-rs I think). To date it has never been released. I stuck it on Mass Destruction, cause I think this was a great band alot of people missed out on.

Hell In A Vase - from BSR-009 The Ghosts Are Out...
Punk rock soul from Boston, Ma.
     "Should I go on now that you left me here?
     Or should I lay down in front of this stone and rot away?
     I'll haunt you with all this pain. I'm not going to heaven anyway..."

Pink Shoes In A Petri Dish - from BSR-010 The Diary Of Hamilton Fish
Button Up For Pop Pollution! This song is about emo kids that all dress the same.

I Like It - from BSR-010 The Diary Of Hamilton Fish
Rooftop parties, summer lovin, and burning buildings. Good Times.

S.T.I. (Stop The Insanity) - from BSR-004 Rock The 40 Oz.
If you don't know by know you better axe somebody. Satano/political/punk/ska/thrash/mayhem from Alphabet City's finest.

Non-Drivin' Mother Fucker - from BSR-003 Sexy, Sexy Confidence
Headbanging power-pop-punk from Austin, TX featuring members of Gal's Panic, The Impossibles and Blindsided. You can bullshit yourself but not the sunglassed rasta in the car to the right.

The Bitter End (feat. The Stza) - from BSR-006 Please Press Me
A Zombie breakup song. The dead will walk the earth again, but I won't ever go back...

Culture Crave - from BSR-005 Mass Destruction
This band sounds like you stuck Stiff Little Fingers, Leftover Crack, Hella, The Clash, and Kill Your Idols in a blender, drank it down and then proceeded to vomit all over your ex.

Arrowed - from BSR-006 Please Press Me
We think this song is about girls. Mr. BANKSHOT! made Chris name it after something on Strongbad.
Yeah... He thought it was pretty funny too.

So It Goes - from BSR-006 Please Press Me
Dayjobs fucking suck. No Really, they totally blow.

Welcome To The Big Time (Live) - Recorded February 22nd at the Continental, NYC
These tracks were recorded live at the Continental in New York City, during the CD Release show with our pals the River City Rebels. This is the opening track off Please Press Me. John totally ripped off one of Mitch Hedberg's jokes, and we totally edited it out. Score!

Darkest Day (Live) - Recorded February 22nd at the Continental, NYC
This song is totally unreleased, you can't find it anywhere and it is fucking, SICK! It shreds, trust us.

You're Gonna Die - from BSR-008 Catastrophe
You're gonna die. No, seriously brah.

Occupational Hazards - from BSR-008 Catastrophe
This is off the new Stoics album. When is enough bloodshed enough?

U.S.A. - from BSR-005 Mass Destruction
One of the best songs off the Stoics' first album. This song attacks many of the practices and prejudices which have become so frighteningly ingrained in the "American" way of life. It's time for punks to take back the U.S.A.