The Fad - Hardcore Ska Punk from Long Island, NY

Leftover Crack - Squat-Core Ska-Punk from NYC

Jerm Pollet.Com - Get info on all of Jerm from Missile Command's side projects like Tall Dark and Lonesome, and Mr. Sinus Theater 3000

The Basicks - 50's influenced street-punk with a horror twist. If you dig The Misfits, Alkaline Trio, Green Day or the Ramones you'll be into these guys from Brooklyn. Okay, they're from Florida, but they live in Brooklyn

F-Minus Orange County punk rock. Brad from Leftover Crack's main gig. Kick Ass.

River City Rebels Street Rock n' Roll with horns from NH. Longtime friends and all around cool dudes.

Sixgun Radio Official website for Sixgun Radio

Stockyard Stoics Official website for Stockyard Stoics

Lost City Angels Melodic streetpunk from Boston. Our buds in Beantown.

The Killtakers Official website for The Killtakers

The X-Possibles Female-fronted Horrorcore from NYC. For fans of X-Ray Spex, The Avengers, & The Plasmatics


Riot Style - Brooklyn Based Record & Style Collective.

AK PRESS - Agit Prop publisher/bookseller from San Francisco. Good stuff.

Estrigious Studios - All Female Anime/Comics Collective from Queens, NY/Allentown, PA

Really Big Monster - Website for Los Angeles, CA based comics/horror artist Chuck B.B.

40 Oz. Comics - Indie Hip-Hop artist extroardinaire Jim Mahfood's Official Site. Jim is the creator of Grrl Scouts, Smoke Dog, & Kid Zombie, plus he also did the art for the BANKSHOT! logo.

Kristen Ferrell - Website for Lawrence, Kansas based artist Kristen Ferrell. Artist for F-Minus, Sixgun Radio, and Crack Rocksteady 7.

Maximum Rock N' Roll - Website for one of these longest running punk rock zines. Published monthly out in Berkeley


Imprint Press - D.I.Y. printing and CD duplication for punks, by punks.

Erika Records - This is who presses up our vinyl for us. Awesome, awesome people. Cheap prices.

Riot Style Records & Threads - Friends from Brooklyn.