Name: Leftover Crack
Location: Alphabet City/Brooklyn, NY
Personnel: The Stza, Alec Baillie, Brad Minus,
Ezra DK

     Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of seminal squat-core legends Choking Victim (a band so punk they broke up recording their first album), Leftover Crack have arrived to save your soul from mediocre punk rock and ska-core knock-offs. The band formed in 1999 and originally featured members of Suicidal Tendencies, F-Minus, Blindsided, BS2000, and Agent 99. 7 musicians in all put their hands to the band's debut release, Rock The 40 Oz. released on BANKSHOT! Records and the core band played a few shows in New York and Los Angeles. The Dark Lord was pleased.
     They've since gone on to release a full length, Mediocre Generica on Hellcat Records, conquer the NY punk scene (while getting banned from every club in New York), break their contract with Hellcat, and play over 15 countries. The band just finished recording Fuck World Trade with Steve Albini and mixed it down with Jesse Cannon at the Cannon Found Soundation in North Jersey. It features guest musicians from Sixgun Radio and The World Inferno Friendship Society. Stza also helped compile an expanded version of their debut 7" Rock the 40 Oz: Reloaded with the original 4 track demos of songs that would later become crack rocksteady classics.