Name: Missile Command
Location: Austin, TX
Personnel: Jerm Pollet and a cast of thousands
R.I.P. 2000

      Former Gal's Panic guitarist Jeremy "Jerm" Pollet packed these songs full of quirky lyrics and crazy metal guitar riffs (think Rivers Cuomo's gruff older brother.) They toured the United States four times and opened up for Sleater Kinney, Rancid, Cake, Tripping Daisy, and Total Chaos, among others. The Missile Command lineup on Sexy, Sexy Confidence had Rory Phillips of The Impossibles on bass and Kelly Kusumoto of Blindsided on drums. Jerm still plays many Missile Command and Gals Panic jams in his solo-act, Tall Dark and Lonesome. You can catch him around Austin, TX.