Name: Osker
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Personnel: Devon Williams, Dave Benitez, Matt
R.I.P. 2001

     If you knew Osker either loved them or hated them, with a passion. The band was signed to Epitaph after Blindsided guitarist and former Epitaph employee Mike Trujillo brought their demo in. They became the most hated band on the label, while pissing off fans and labelmates alike (they opened for NOFX at the House of Blues and immediately proceeded to slag the band since they "haven't put out a good album in years.") In spite, or maybe because of the band's abrasive wit and "I could give a shit attitude" they quickly rose to popularity.
     If you can wade through all the bullshit and get past what you may have heard, read, or personally seen that the band did, you'll find great songs about those nagging doubts that keep us up at night (Why is everyone I know two-faced? Where's my life going? What's with this haircut?)
     The band released its first single, a split 7" with Eaglerock Ca's Blindsided, which was followed up by the band's first full length Treatment Five.
     Critics described their second (and final) album, Idle Will Kill, as both "pink" and "gay." Fuck you, ya homophobic bastard! We still fuckin' loooove it. The band broke up in 2001, but Devon and Dave have a new band called Fingers-Cut, Megamachine!

Here's another classic Osker momemnt:
Show Review, 12/21/00 at Chain Reaction
     "Osker was headlining. I like Oskers music. My favorite song is "alright" because I can relate to it, but since this show I've lost a lot of respect for the band because the lead singer was being an ass. I'm guessing he was drunk but thats no excuse. The band played maybe 6 songs for the set, and the rest of the time was spent listening to him babbling, and throwing water bottles at people, including a full water bottle at my head. Finally they were told they had time for one more song. He asked the crowd what they wanted to hear, and everyone said "alright" but he decided to pick the shortest song they had, and then left. I won't be going to see osker ever again. "