Name: Sixgun Radio
Location: Wantagh/Forest Hills/Brooklyn,NY
Personnel:Chris Wrigley, Adam Schrager, Monny Pone, Brian Alien, Albie

     Sixgun Radio draw together elements of death metal, crusty punk, art-noise and stoner rock forming a sonic attack that draws heavily on the traditions of the New York Hardcore scene while simultaneously rejecting its rigid confines and bullshit scenesterism.
     Combining fast, crunchy metal guitar riffs, Alien's fierce drumming style, Demaille's tight, punchy basslines and an electric live show, the band has built a fiercy loyal following, playing sold out shows at venues like ABC No Rio, CBGB, Luxx, North Six and the continental, the band has opened for Leftover Crack, Kill Your Idols, River City Rebels, Atom & His Package, Murphy's Law, Blanks 77, The Casualties, The GC 5 and The Virus, to name but a few.
     Sixgun Radio are originally from the stagnant, soccer-mom infested cesspool that is suburban Long Island. Wrigley and Schrager have been playing together (formerly as Life of Riley) since 1995. "All we would do was listen to music" says Schrager. "We did some cover songs and played the high school variety show." Hard work and perseverance helped the band rise from these inauspicious beginnings to become one of New York's biggest acts. In 2001, the band was joined by ex-Latex Generation member Brian Alien on drums, and more recently the band enlisted longtime partner in crime Monny Pone, on bass.