Name: Stockyard Stoics
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Personnel: Aaron, Brendan, Joe Piglet & J.P.
Stockyard Stoics

     In an age of secret detentions, nuclear proliferation, and a war without end, Stockyard Stoics' music is testament to that modern babylon we find ourselves inexorably inching towards.
     This band grafts ska, reggae and rockabilly rythms to hardcore punk guitar. Picture The Clash or The Ruts on uppers (then double the dosage). Stockyard Stoics are anchored by a water-tight rhythm section featuring J.P. on drums (Morning Glory, ex-Readymen, ex-Leftover Crack) and Joe Piglet (ex-Rickets) arguably one of the best bassists in punk rock today (trust us, no one can touch this kid's licks). Rounding out the lineup is the twin guitar attack of Brendan (ex-Readymen) and Aaron (the X-Possibles, ex-Redundants).
     Rarely, if ever, has a band so concisely depicted the bleak reality of life in urban America. More than just lyrics, this band's songs read like short stories synthesized from the DNA of Philip K. Dick and William Gibson novelas, the liner notes of Dub-reggae albums, and back issues of Profane Existence. Songs about unlawful arrest and the police state, teenage wastelands of the not-so-distant future, sufferation and gun-barrel redemption.
     "This is a band with tons of integrity," says label honcho Mr. BANKSHOT! "I know them personally and I can tell you they practice what they preach. They lead the life they're singing about in these songs."

Stockyard Stoics sophomore album Catastrophe will be available September, 7th 2004 on BANKSHOT! Records.