The Glow
Name: The Glow
Location: Boston, MA
Personnel: Ben, Soi Boy, Kelzo, Scoops
The Glow

     The Glow are a four piece punk rock soul group from Boston, MA. No gimmicks. No hype. No ex-members. No bullshit.
     They mix elements of northern soul, punk and two-tone with old time rock n' roll, and heartfelt songwriting. The Glow immediately call to mind the 60s production work Phil Spector, the pop stylings of Elvis Costello, the white-boy soul of the Spencer Davis Group, and the rock revivalism of 80's Billy Joel.
     Lead singer Ben K. lays it all on the line. These are songs about heartbreak, about loss and about tragedy; about gin-soaked rage and bargain-bin whiskey redemption. This band is about confronting the ghosts of your past and learning to walk among them.

               "Of all the shadows, and things I can't hold,
               I kept this song inside my bones.
               I wrote it my way, a city highway,
               I'm hungry now on the slow ride home..."
                                         - The Glow, I'm Never Ready

What they're saying about THE GLOW:
     "Drawing comparisons to everyone from IGGY POP to ELVIS COSTELLO, SOCIAL DISTORTION and even THE SPECIALS, THE GLOW are undoubtedly one of the most energetic bands to explode onto the Boston scene in recent years..." - AMP Magazine

     "THE GLOW plays like some rediscovery of RICHARD HELL and IGGY POP, putting emphatic punk goodies in with some achy-breaky rock 'n' roll." - Skratch Magazine

     "This Beantown band plugs into the old ACE OF HEARTS-era Boston garage tradition with a twist. Clearly Soul, R&B, and Doo-Wop influenced, the foursome reminds me a lot of the ELVIS COSTELLO that gave us 'I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down', only louder and with more urgency." - Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover

     "Sly and infectious... these cats have their heads in something that's genuinely inspired, and thankfully far off the beaten path." - Jordan Baker,

     "They've been compared to everyone from ELVIS COSTELLO and HOT HOT HEAT to BOOKER T. AND THE MGs and THE SPECIALS to BILLY JOEL and RANCID, and it's in this elusive familiarity that their appeal largely lies." - Will Spitz, The Boston Phoenix

     "I'm often reminded of THE SPECIALS 'Ghost Town' in that there's a restrained, nervous energy to the record, full of haunting moments driven by droning organ work and a solid rhythm section. Yet this is indeed more Stax than it is 2-Tone." - Adam White,